CAADRIA 2010 : New Frontiers

The CAADRIA conference for 2010 was held at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Two of my papers outlining recent research were accepted and published in the conference proceedings “New Frontiers CAADRIA 2010”.

The first paper, titled “Scalability: Parametric Strategies from Exoskeletons to the City” outlined initial research into an overall framework for working with parametric systems across multiple scales. It proposes a breakdown of the digital design process into methodologies for data storage, geometric relationships and the search for solutions via a series of parametric case studies using Generative Components. This paper received the Best Presentation Award out of the 59 papers presented over 11 categories.

The second paper was co-authored with Anthony Burke, Dan Hill and Jason McDermott, titled  “Urban Micro-Informatics” outlined a case study into the aggregation of high resolution urban modelling through aggregating public information sources via data mining techniques.

Both papers can be accessed via the cumincad database, as well as my previous paper from the 2008 CAADRIA conference “Erosive Fluidity”, for which I was awared Young CAADRIA of the year.

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